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Simulation Training

The LeanMan Car Factory is a very powerful demonstration tool for teaching the principles of lean. It provides the ability to create custom training formats tailored to focus on your students’ specific needs, or you can use one of the several pre-designed simulation events included in the kit to help you get started training lean principles right out of the box.

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LeanMan Grand Simulation Package
The LeanMan Grand Simulation Package is a recombination of the Deluxe Car Factory Simulation plus the VSM, the Kanban and the Heijunka simulation events conveniently packaged into two double-deep containers.
Price: $1,764.71
Deluxe Lean Factory Simulation Car Kit
The Deluxe Car Kit presents the five principles of Lean Manufacturing through comprehensive lecture presentations and hands-on simulations.
Price: $560.45
Deluxe PLUS VSM Lean Factory Simulation Package
The Value Stream Map simulation provides a look at the influences of LEAN on each point process along a 9 point door-to-door value stream.
Price: $1,173.95
Deluxe PLUS HEIJUNKA Lean Factory Simulation Package
The Heijunka Simulation develops a visualization of mixed-mode work flow and the lean planning function to manage capacity and assure on-time delivery.
Price: $853.95
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