It's Easy To Get Started Implementing Lean Into Your Company!

The LeanMan products offer:

  • Hands-on learning for your organization
  • Reusable kits and training materials
  • Consistent and repeatable metrics
  • Learn-Do-Teach environment

Each Deluxe Car Factory Kit includes the executive overview Learning to See the Waste.The event can be completed in under one hour and is a perfect way to start your lean journey.  The event includes facilitator's talking points to make execution a snap, while the instruction placemats take the worry out of the event for the first-time simulation participants. It’s fun and it packs a real W O W  lean punch!

Fundamentals of Simulation Training

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) recommends using a multi-sensory approach to teaching adult learners.

Adults by nature do not like to read operators manuals, watch instructional videos, or listen to lectures on what to do. They like to learn by doing, they like to become an expert, and then best of all they like to teach others what they know.

Adult learning isn't a simple act. It involves a complex, interrelated series of cognitive processes, including attention, perception, and memory. Based on cognitive psychology—the science of how people process information—the principles of instructional design can help create and present Lean Mfg. training materials that are consistent with the way people learn.

The LeanMan Lean Principles Simulation Kits will provide you with an interactive Learn-Do-Teach hands-on tool to help introduce you and your team to these learning principles, and suggest how you can combine effective instructional design with the power of simulation to create Lean training materials that work, on the job and in the classroom. And most important, adults establish long term learning when associated with a high state of emotion or exhilaration -i.e. FUN!

Why Not Legos?

Lego blocks have been the simulation selection of choice by many trainers because they are readily available, inexpensive (if you don't consider the Escalade needed to cart them around) and they do a quick job getting the basics of the lean flow across.

So, what do they miss?  Anyone who has spent any actual time in the shop with hands-on assembly of product knows that not all parts are created equal (except Legos) and that the randomness and variation in the components fit and finish present a challenge to the idealistic flow.

The LeanMan simulation products are designed to provide some natural size variation like the wooden pegs, or finger-fighters like the small stackable metal parts; plus, some intentional variation for measuring the effects of nonconformance on quality like inserting the black wheels into the flow. The resultant metrics are realistic, statistically repeatable from team to team, and add an element of finesse to the event missed by the overly simplistic Legos or by trainers who have never worked with their hands in a shop.

Why Not Legos?

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