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Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, our customer service department stands ready to answer any questions you may have. You'll talk to someone that understands your passion for Lean Manufacturing Principles and, first and foremost, the need for prompt, polite service.

We have taken great care in designing the Lean Car Factory simulation kits to provide years of service. Some customers have reported years of satisfactory use with no sign of wear. One university customer using the VSM Package reported training over 3,000 participants since 2004 before requiring replacement axle pegs.

Unlike machine produced plastic snap together components that are all alike, the LeanMan simulation products use handcrafted wood components made of Maple and Ash. This design is on purpose. The wood components provide a random variation to the assembly of the toy cars that more accurately simulate real world issues with manufacturing variability, tolerances and human manual dexterity. The simulation exercises are thus more realistic and the event metrics more representative of team participant composition.

However, the wooden axle pegs may wear under a too aggressive or heavy-handed participant; or under a high frequency of training events; or like the small disk brakes they can simply get lost as "floor-stock."

The LeanMan will provide free replacement components at no charge to you. Simply send a Contact Page with your name and address, the product you purchased and your replacement need, and we will ship the replacements via USPS or UPS GND to your door at no charge within the contiguous 48 states.  A shipping charge may be required for international locations, and any customs fees as applicable. To confirm your original order, it will be helpful to include the LM Order Number or your Company Name and year purchased, or the name of the contact person that placed the order. The LeanMan may contact you for clarification as needed.

For product purchased second hand, or if the original purchase cannot be verified, replacement components may be purchased by contacting The LeanMan LLC and providing a list of the materials you require.  The LeanMan staff will be happy to help to define the missing materials associated with any of the product items.  A replacement order will be created which can then be paid online with a Credit Card.

The LeanMan, LLC offices are located in Grand Rapids, MI, USA, EDT Time Zone. To contact The LeanMan, LLC, please use the form on the Contact page, or send correspondence to:

The LeanMan, LLC
6638 Pleasant Hill Drive S.W.
Byron Center, MI 49315

The LeanMan, LLC is an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau

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