Teach Every Aspect of Lean

Our suggested training syllabus for using the LeanMan Lean Principles Training products is listed below.  Click each link to review compatible simulations and products.

The syllabus in listed in the suggested sequence by which you could introduce the Lean Principles and the tools of lean such that each sequential step builds upon the previous step in the training process. While much of the training materials are repeated within successive advanced steps, following this sequence allows you to focus on specific concepts and instill a higher degree of long term memory retention.

Colleges and Universities might find the Grand Simulation Kit to be the most economical choice because it covers most of the concepts and tenants of Lean.  Adding the OPT - Optimized Production Technology Kit is another good choice if your audience has little or no knowledge of how detailed manufacturing operations function or are managed.  This is a great introduction to manufacturing for technical classes in Industrial Supervision and and Engineering coarse work.

Don't for get the human side of team development and management. The formation of a team brings a good deal of chaos as each new member attempts to over shadow their fellow members as personalities come to the forefront.  Team supervision requires some knowledge of how people relate to their own needs and apply that need to the work offered them. The LeanMan Teaming with Success Package focuses on team building and the four stages of human emotion that can make or break a team.  The LeanMan Developing Lean Eyes Package, which includes the Teaming with Success training, adds another dimension to the human element and brings in the concepts of aural and visual communication techniques. A team that understands the power of visual communication in a work setting runs at a higher velocity and efficiency than a team that relies only on written or memorized processes.