Learning Experience

Before going too much further in our lean journey, it is time to establish some lean thinking with the team.  The presentation of the five principles of lean provides some discussion time with the team to help them begin to formulate the big picture. 

Lean is poorly implemented if confined to only a few point process areas in your enterprise stream.


Five Principles of Lean

  1. Specify Value of the Product

  2. Identify the Value Stream for Each Product

  3. Enable the Products to Flow Without Interruptions

  4. Allow the Customer to Pull Value From the Stream

  5. Continuously Improve . . . Pursue Perfection


Where Do I Find it?

The development of the Five Principles of Lean presentations and a set of tools is fully explored in the Value Stream Map, Deluxe-Plus VSM, Deluxe-Plus Kanban, and Grand Simulation Packages.

Compatible Products

    LeanMan Grand Car Factory Simulation
    LeanMan Grand Car Factory Simulation
    • The LeanMan Grand Simulation Package is a reduced cost bundle of the Deluxe Car Factory Simulation, the VSM, the Kanban and the Heijunka events packaged into two double-deep containers.