What More Should You Know

The LeanMan training products are used throughout the world. Most referrals are from satisfied clients who by word of mouth have spread the good news that finally, there is a set of tools that are easy to transport; are effective in teaching the Lean principles; and perhaps as important, are fun for the participants. Fun makes the training memorable.  Memorable means they will have a good head start back at the real world implementing what they have learned.

In the early days, the 1980's, teaching the newly minted lean concepts often meant having hard working serious minded no-nonsense guys from the machine shop sit around a table drawing smiley faces on paper plates and adding cotton ball eyes.  I still can see their faces and feel the mood in the room.  Whew! That was when we realized a tool was needed that was both effective, and not an embarrassment to be seen performing.  By 2004 the LeanMan simulations had matured and were proven to be easy to facilitate - easy to understand - and got the point across. 

The LeanMan products also infuse the hands-on element with the behavioral science side of human interaction.  Teaming with Success and Developing Lean Eyes are specifically designed to guide supervisors and managers to understand team development from the viewpoint of the trainee.