Car Factory Simulation

4-Step Car Factory Simulation

This 4-step simulation is the standard simulation event and uses one car factory kit per team. Add a few more Companion Car Factory Kits and a single facilitator can easily run 2 or 3 teams for a little competition.

This simulation event is targeted toward people who work in a team or who want to spend a little more time discovering the differences in the four main flow methods.

The first simulation step, Batch 'n Queue, and the last, Lean Flow, are similar to the executive event Learning to See the Waste 2-step event. The middle two simulations explore the conversion from Batch 'n Queue to a Work Cell push flow, a discussion about the results and what was gained, and then the conversion again to a One-Piece Continuous Flow with pull and again a discussion about the additional results and gains.

The final conversion to a Lean Customer-Demand Pull introduces the concepts of customer demand, and flow regulators such as kanban squares with min/max levels and visual signal devices.

This simulation is usually customized by you so you can focus on your company's specific needs. The placemat instruction sets are on the USB drive as a file that you can edit to add your changes, and then print and use to suit your needs.

LeanMan Car Factory Simulation – STD 4-Step Event



The team set up is 5 people for each simulation and two or three observers, all of which rotate positions with each event, for a total of 8 people with hands-on participation per car kit. During the simulation, the non hands-on people perform the 10-Second Test (provided only with the Deluxe Car Factory Kits) and watch the event for later discussion on the differences in flow and in non value-adding activities observed. Others perform the conveyance task of moving totes, containers and materials between the departments.


A single facilitator can easily control two or three teams running simultaneously when using the participant instruction placemats. Requires one Car Factory Kit for each team.

Event time 70 minutes for the 4 simulation steps and time for discussion on observations about the flow and NVA waste, plus allow another 30 minutes for the PowerPoint presentations. Room size should be medium conference room with enough table space to allow the simulation room to spread out. Ideally, the Stockroom and Inspection at one table, the Assembly Departments at a second table, and the Customer at a third.