Learning Experience

Now that we are aware of types of visual and aural signals reaching out to us, we need to put them to good use in creating a lean, clean information channel to rapidly convey just the right information and in just the right way throughout the value stream.

Team Leaders and Managers learn the effective ways of communicating to their team members the rules of expected behavior by using simple visual cues to guide everyday activities using natural and non threatening methods.

Using a 5S technique, for instance, places tape around the space used by the waste basket, and labeling it such, so everyone from the cleaning person to the workers in the area know that is the exact location the basket goes back if it ever gets moved. Tool outlines on a tool rack tells the technician exactly where to put that tool back when done. 

Visual Control
Visual Rules

Bonus Content

The Deluxe and Deluxe-Plus kits and the Grand Simulation Package each contain bonus presentations on Visual Systems, Visual Communication and 5-S Techniques that form the basis for visual control.

Compatible Products

    5-S Game Set
    5-S Game Set
    • The Jeopardy-like game with 25 questions and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-like game with 15 questions reinforce the underlying elements of the 5S Philosophy. This is GREEN item, Files only on USB - no printed materials.

      LeanMan Grand Car Factory Simulation
      LeanMan Grand Car Factory Simulation
      • The LeanMan Grand Simulation Package is a reduced cost bundle of the Deluxe Car Factory Simulation, the VSM, the Kanban and the Heijunka events packaged into two double-deep containers. 

        Deluxe Double Car Factory Simulation
        Deluxe Double Car Factory Simulation
        • The Deluxe Double Car Factory Kit includes a standard Deluxe and Companion Car Factory Kit plus bonus features.

          Deluxe Car Factory Simulation
          Deluxe Car Factory Simulation
          • The Deluxe Car Kit presents the five principles of Lean Manufacturing through comprehensive lecture presentations and hands-on simulations. 

            Deluxe <i>PLUS</i> VSM Car Factory Simulation
            Deluxe PLUS VSM Car Factory Simulation
            • The Value Stream Map simulation provides a look at the influences of LEAN on each point process along a 9 point door-to-door value stream.

              Deluxe <i>PLUS</i> KANBAN Car Factory Simulation
              Deluxe PLUS KANBAN Car Factory Simulation
              • The Kanban Simulation integrates two great products into two single deep containers, or if you prefer, one single double-deep container, providing an excellent training range from beginner to advanced.