Learning Experience

The 5-S Game Set includes presentations that specifically focus on the 5-S elements as identified by Taiichi Ono as part of the Toyota Production System.  Each 5-S step is defined and described in practical terms.  Following this is a Jeopardy-like interactive PowerPoint game with 5 categories and 5 levels of points for each category.  Participants select their category and points, and the “answer” is shown.  The participant then states the “question.”

There are many ways to play the game.  The typical method is to put all contestants’ names into a box and as each name is drawn, he or she selects and answers the question to win a prize. Or pair up participants to work together to provide the best answer.  Use your imagination to create a fun experience as participants see and associate the 5-S terms with their meaning.  The presentation can be played with any number of participants.  

To get the terms and definitions firmly placed into long term memory, use the cognitive learning techniques to make the game as loud and exciting as possible to create an energized memory association.

The take-away is a full understanding of the 5-S terms and the differences between them.  Once the team can recite the terms, they are ready for the next level of 5-S training - the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 5-S game.

5S Jeopardy Game

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    5-S Game Set
    5-S Game Set
    • The Jeopardy-like game with 25 questions and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-like game with 15 questions reinforce the underlying elements of the 5S Philosophy. This is GREEN item, Files only on USB - no printed materials.