Learning Experience

Learn the secrets of production flow in this 14 step – 8-hour presentation of each of the variables encountered in the design and flow of product.  Using dice to simulate yield and poker chips to simulate product, the participants experience the trials and tribulations of material movement in production.

There are 14 steps to the game, in each we will change one or more production variables and test the results for analytical comparison.  Variables such as capacity, bottleneck, overtime, batch transfer size, inventory levels and such will be tested and modified in an attempt to balance the line to produce Quality, Unit Cost, Inventory, Lead Time and Ship Performance metrics acceptable to the customer.

Metrics are based on the production cost breakdown using depreciation, material cost, total cost, unit cost, lead time and a “M” factor calculation. Inventory will be the initial number used to “wet” the line. The “M” factor will be based on forecast and calculated as Material Cost divided by forecast, and this number will be used for game steps where the outcome does not meet forecast. These metrics will be calculated after each game step and aligned in a side by side comparison chart to track effects and progress as we attempt to create the ultimate efficient production line.

To aid the facilitator before the class, a train-the-trainer Excel file is provided to simulate each of the game steps.  The facilitator will toss the die and learn how to flow the materials and experience the pitfalls the participants will encounter such that the facilitator will have first-hand knowledge about the situation and be able to answer questions and support the play.

This course was developed under the guidance of Eli Goldratt and is an excellent base foundation for understanding the need for Lean Mfg.

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