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With full understanding comes acceptance.   This presentation provides some ideas on how lean evolved with the Toyoda family and subsequent members of the Toyota Motor Company as the roots of lean began to shape what eventually became to be called Lean Manufacturing.

The culture behind The Toyota Production System is derived from the 14 Philosophies that began with the Toyoda Family.

Toyota's origins as a loom builder trace back over a century, when inventor Sakichi Toyoda opened a company, Toyoda Shoten, in the seaside city of Nagoya. The transition from looms to cars took place in 1935 with the first Toyota vehicle to be marketed, the Model G1 truck, later that year.

Conservative by nature, the Toyodas embarked on a long-range program to build top-quality cars and trucks as efficiently and as profitably as possible.

The "Toyota Production System" was built on the family’s solid foundation of 14 values learned the hard way over the many years, starting with Sakichi’s loom business and continued by his successors at Toyota. Their Toyota company went on to conquer one market after another by building products better than anyone else in the vehicle market.

Toyoda Values

Bonus Content

The ToyodaWay Game CD and the Deluxe, Deluxe-Plus kits, and the Grand Simulation Package each contain The 14 Philosophies of the Toyoda Family bonus presentation.

Compatible Products

    LeanMan Grand Car Factory Simulation
    LeanMan Grand Car Factory Simulation
    • The LeanMan Grand Simulation Package is a reduced cost bundle of the Deluxe Car Factory Simulation, the VSM, the Kanban and the Heijunka events packaged into two double-deep containers. 

      TPS ToyodaWay Game Set
      TPS ToyodaWay Game Set
      • The games are a fun way to learn the philosophies of the Toyoda family that form the foundation of the Toyota Production System. This is a GREEN item, Files only on USB - no printed materials.

        Deluxe Car Factory Simulation
        Deluxe Car Factory Simulation
        • The Deluxe Car Kit presents the five principles of Lean Manufacturing through comprehensive lecture presentations and hands-on simulations.