5-S Add-On Capacity Kit



5-S Add-On Capacity supplemental kit includes enough materials to double the participant capacity of the 5-S Simulation Kit, but without the presentation materials or label maker.

Package Contents:

The LeanMan 5-S Add-On Capacity Kit materials are all packaged into a single double deep container approximately 16x13x4, or about the size of a briefcase, for easy transport and setup when traveling on the road, or even when just traveling between training sessions.

5-S Facilitation just couldn't get any easier!

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5-S Add-On Capacity Kit

The 5-S Add-On Capacity Kit is a supplementary kit to support the original 5-S Simulation Kit, and contains enough additional sets of product materials, tools and excess parts to support an additional team of participants. It in effect doubles the participant capacity of the original simulation.

For your reference, the 5-S Simulation Kit includes 2 models of the build product and a second set of each model as spare parts. When used in the normal way the 5-S Kit provides for 4 builders and 4 or more support participants. That increases to 12+ participants if all 4 model sets are used.

Thus with both the 5-S and 5-S Add-On kits in use they provide for 8 builders + 4 to 8 support participants. The maximum capacity of both kits when all 8 models are in play is 16+ participants. Note: the intended design provides for 4 builders per kit, so when 8 are used some tools may be in limited supply with the maximum number of participants and so some tools must either be shared or additional tools purchased.

  • The additional materials add more participants to the hands-on build portion of the event (and some more red-tag items).
  • You only need the supplementary kit when the number of participants becomes larger than can be accommodated by the standard kit, or to provide change-up variety to the events to keep them fresh between training sessions.
  • Supplementary Kits are made from products such as the ATV and the SideCar.

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