Spanish - Learning to See the Waste Participant Handbook



This Spanish Language handbook details the Lean concepts of waste, provides two powerful waste identification tools, and discusses strategies to identify and reduce waste from daily processes.

Package Contents:

A 45 page color laser printed booklet (printed double sided on photo gloss heavy duty paper) is 8.5" x 5.5" with a 10 mil clear cover and 16mil leatherette backing. The handbook is coil bound so the pages lay flat for ease of use.

This product is no longer available.

Spanish - Learning to See the Waste Participant Handbook


The Spanish Language Learning to See the Waste Handbook is a companion guide book for participants of the Car Factory Simulation Training Package. The intent is to use it during the event and during the follow-up Continuous Improvement and Kaizen discussions held after the event. Facilitators may choose to distribute the handbooks to each participant to keep and use at their work station as a reference guide for reducing waste in their work processes.

This handy reference book discusses in detail the Lean concepts of waste; presents two powerful waste identification tools with instructions on how to use them; and discusses additional strategies for team members to reduce or eliminate waste from their daily processes.

The contents of the Learning to See the Waste Handbook follow closely the Lean Principles Training PowerPoint presentations associated with any of the Deluxe Car Factory Simulation Packages.

Please Note: Due to printing lead time, large quantities of Handbooks may require up to 10 days to process and may be delivered in a separate shipment when ordered with other LeanMan products. This will not increase shipping cost to you.