Spanish Upgrade Package - Deluxe



Spanish Upgrade Package - Deluxe provides all the presentation software and printed simulation materials that are included in the standard Deluxe Car Factory Kit Package.

Package Contents:

The Spanish Language software upgrade is provided on a USB drive.  [CD available upon request] The printed and bound Spanish LTSTW and TPS Handbooks are included as well as the Spanish laminated 2-step LTSTW and 5-step TPS simulation participant placemat sets.

In addition, the several free Bonus presentations provided with the standard Deluxe Car Factory Kit are also translated into Spanish and provided with this Spanish Upgrade Package.

This product is no longer available.

Spanish Upgrade Package - Deluxe

Adding this Spanish Language Upgrade to a Basic Car Factory Kit will create a full Spanish Language Deluxe Car Factory Kit.  Or use it to upgrade your existing Car Factory Kit of any version to add the Spanish language to the Deluxe portion of your product.  This Spanish upgrade includes all of the same software presentations provided with the standard Deluxe Car Factory Package, plus it also includes in Spanish the Learning to see the Waste Handbook and laminated participant simulation placemats and well as the TPS facilitator Guide Handbook and laminated placemat set.

Standard Simulations include:

  • The 2-Step Learning to See the Waste introductory simulation
  • The 4-Step Car factory Simulation, with Batch, Push, Pull and One-Piece Flow
  • The 5-Step TPS Car Factory Simulation which mimics the way Toyoda trains their workers
  • Plus, the ability to reconfigure any simulation to teach your specific needs

Bonus Presentations include:

  • 5-S for Lean - ¿Qué son las 5 S?
  • 14 Philosophies behind TPS - 14 filosofías de la familia Toyoda
  • Five Principles of Lean - Los cinco principios del concepto lean
  • Lean Self-Assessment Tool - Herramienta de autoevaluación Lean
  • Visual Control for Lean - ¿Qué es el control visual?
  • Visual Systems for Lean - ¿Qué es la comunicación visual?

If you already own a Deluxe-Plus Car Factory Package or the Grand Simulation Package, this upgrade will provide the Spanish version of the Deluxe portion of those kits.  The higher level VSM, Kanban and Heijunka simulations are not included.

Please Note: The LeanMan LLC has provided this professionally translated Spanish (Spain) version as a service to our customers who have asked for this feature.  The LeanMan LLC is unable to communicate in Spanish, and assumes no responsibility for the interpretation made by the translators. Should errors be spotted, feedback is very much appreciated.