Companion Car Factory Simulation



The Companion Car Kit contains a Basic Car Kit for the Car Factory hands-on LEAN simulation plus PowerPoint files for the 2-step and 4-step simulation exercise to get you started.

Package Contents:

The Companion Kit contains over 300 parts, packaged in a durable container with a Polycarbonate cover that latches securely to hold the materials for travel. Approximate dimensions of the kit are 16"x13”x2”. All PowerPoint, WORD, Visio and Excel Files, if used, are provided on USB Drive for your review and to print as needed to supplement your training requirements, in addition to the preprinted materials included in the package.

The package includes a Companion USB drive with all of the PowerPoint files for each simulation event; a set of 5.5 x 8.5 laminated participant placemats for the Learning to See the Waste 2-step executive simulation event; two wet-erase markers for metrics; and a large-digit easy to read stopwatch to time the events.

Companion Car Factory Simulation

The Companion Lean Factory Simulation Car Kit builds upon the Basic Car Kit by providing some easy to facilitate Lean Principles training exercises and support material files.

The Companion is recommended as an additional kit for those who have purchased the Deluxe Kit and wish to add capacity to the simulation sessions or train multiple teams for a little competitive fun.  The Companion includes the LTSTW laminated participant placemats to help make facilitation easier.  Two Wet Erase Marker pens are included to record metrics.

Note: A set of TPS laminated participant placemats are included, without instruction, to facilitate those customers who own a Deluxe Kit and desire to add the Companion Kit and run two TPS teams in parallel.

Each kit comes with the files for the training setup guide, plus instructions for the standard 4-step Car Factory simulation and the Learning to See the Waste (LTSTW) simulation. 

The first Car Factory event, MRP Batch ‘n Queue, shows the effects of moving large batches of product through several stages.

The second Car Factory event, adding Continuous Flow push, shows the effects of overproduction which simply means producing more sooner or faster than the next stage requires.

The third Car Factory event, adding a kanban pull signal to Continuous Flow, begins to coordinate each team member, controls inventory better, and shows where some obvious balance opportunities exist.

The fourth Car Factory event, adding local control with point-of-use inventory and built in quality, shows the advantage of becoming lean.

There are two painted car bodies which can be used to introduce mixed mode production into the work cell. Plus, two of the "Mole" cards are included to provide velocity timing of the color cars through the process for easy metrics. The "Mole Card" is used to record the time the car arrives at each station from Stock Kit to Finished Goods.

The kit includes a set of 8.5 x 5.5 laminated participant placemats for the Executive Level two-event simulation Learning to See the Waste. This short but powerful simulation is a perfect first time event to showcase the power of lean mfg. It packs a real W O W  factor for first time lean participants.

Compatible Simulations

The LeanMan suggests using the Companion Car Factory Simulation in the following simulations:

Learning to See the Waste

This executive level 2-Step simulation is the simplest event to run but packs a big WOW factor. It requires just one Car Factory Kit per team. Plus, with the laminated participant instruction placemats, it's so easy to perform that single person can easily facilitate five or more teams, making it great for large audiences and conventions.

  • Group Size: 5-8
  • Duration: 100 min.
  • Steps: 2
Car Factory Simulation

This 4-step simulation uses one Car Factory Kit per team, and a single facilitator can easily run 2 or 3 teams in parallel for a little competition and metrics comparison. This simulation event is also provided as an editable set of files on the USB drive that allow customization to the facilitator's specific target training needs.

  • Group Size: 5-8
  • Duration: 100 min.
  • Steps: 4
Large Group Simulation

Purchased as a separate supporting product (it is included in the Grand Package), this simulation is used with multiple Car Factory Kits to expand the event size to accommodate larger groups for an introductory Lean experience. The 4-step simulation is designed as an introduction to Lean for variable sized groups of participants in the four main flow methods.

  • Group Size: 5-39
  • Duration: 60-150 min.
  • Steps: 2 or 4
VSMgt Service & Repair Center

Purchased as a separate supporting product (it is included in the Grand Package), this 3 step simulation exercise will explore the service side of the car factory, so instead of assembling new cars, we repair them. Value Stream Management concepts are used to improve flow door-to-door in this unique and fun exercise. This simulation requires purchase of at least one of the LeanMan Car Factory Kits or Deluxe Packages.

  • Group Size: 9-12
  • Duration: 140 min.
  • Steps: 3

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