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Deluxe PLUS VSM Car Factory Simulation



The Value Stream Map simulation provides a look at the influences of LEAN on each point process along a 9 point door-to-door value stream.

Package Contents:

The LeanMan Deluxe PLUS VSM package includes all of the same car factory materials and presentations as in a Deluxe Lean Factory Car Kit and a Companion Car Factory Kit, but all packaged into two single deep containers, which makes training the 2-Step LTS or 5-Step TPS with two teams more convenient. All PowerPoint, WORD, Visio and Excel Files, if used, are provided on USB Drive for your review and to print as needed to supplement your training requirements, in addition to the preprinted materials included in the package. 

The package also includes the VSM material set of 6 Kanban flags, 16 Non-conforming Material Report cards, 16 Material Requisition cards, 16 Job Ticket cards, 16 Heijunka cards (all cards are laminated) and a supply of wet-erase markers to set limits and record metrics.

The car factory simulation materials are all packaged into two single shallow containers approximately 16x13x2, or about the size of a briefcase, for easy transport and setup when traveling on the road, or even when just traveling between training sessions. See the photos.

If you prefer to have the Deluxe Plus VSM packaged into one double deep container then just add a note in the comment section of the order or send a contact page with your request.

This product is no longer available.

Deluxe PLUS VSM Car Factory Simulation

The greatest lesson to be learned from the VSM simulation is that not all change is lean and not all lean changes will result in lean flow. Unless you keep an eye on the whole value stream, you may end up with isolated islands of perfection (work cells) linked by systems that are optimized for their own self interest (goals optimized for purchasing, receiving, stockroom, inspection, etc.) without concern for your “island’s” needs. Value stream mapping is essential to prevent such unwanted and wasteful results.

The LeanMan Deluxe PLUS VSM Loop Simulation is a complete Lean Principles training package. In addition to all of the materials and presentations of the Deluxe Kit, the package includes materials to map the value stream flow and to explore the tools of continuous improvement along the way.

The continuous loop VSM simulation training exercises allow the class room training period to run for as long as the facilitator requires, exploring thoroughly all of the elements of the Five Principles of Lean at each process point in the stream.

There are two painted car bodies in each kit, plus two "Mole" cards to provide velocity timing of the color cars through the process for easy metrics. The "Mole Card" is used to record the time the car arrives at each station from Stock Kit to Finished Goods.

The USB drive contains all of the standard and bonus PowerPoint presentations contained with the Deluxe Kit, including the Evolution of Lean presentation which provides a history of lean; the TPS simulation which is the advanced 6-exercise simulation event with Financial Metrics; and the Learning to See the Waste presentation which provides a short exercise perfect for management and customers who want an introduction to Lean.

PS: Don't forget the human side of lean! Check out the Teaming with Success - it's a great way to top off your lean training event.

PPS: If you prefer to have the Deluxe Plus VSM packaged into one double deep container, just add a note in the comment section of the order or send a contact page with your request.

Value Stream Training

The VSM Loop Simulation PowerPoint presentation presents the Five Principles of Lean along with three excellent tools used to eliminate waste: The 10-Second Test, The 15-Minute Observation, and the Kaizen Event.

The 60 page printed and bound VSM Loop Simulation Facilitators Guide contains all of the room preparation setups and talking points to keep you in focus and in control of the event while the laminated participant placemats and simulation instructions provide the participants with the necessary information they need to perform the exercises.

Laminated sheets are included for recording 10-Second Tests, 15-Minute Observation reports, Kaizen Events records, Target Progress Reports, ON-Time Delivery metrics, $ WIP metrics at each point process and more. The wet-erase markers provide a simple method for recording the metrics without ink rubbing off on the participants, but then easily wipe clean with a damp tissue or cloth. Two large-digit stopwatches allow easy timing of events, flow rates, tracking quality issues, and more.

The exercises should be held in a training room large enough for several small tables spaced at a distance from each other, and chairs for the six seated hands-on participants. Some participants are needed to fill roles moving material between the tables. Additional participants form the two observation teams, and stand around the tables or behind the seated operators. Their job is to perform The 10-Second Test or The 15-Minute Observation, watching the process, the material flow, the occurrence of value-adding and non value-adding activities, and in general work with the facilitator to gather information to be used after the simulation for further discussion of key points.

The nine VSM exercises are intended to be run in sequence, and the facilitator’s notes key off each other in that sequence. The transition from Taylor’s division of labor and MRP Push principles to Lean customer driven demand principles tend to follow these steps in industry as company’s make small incremental improvements in an attempt to implement lean. Feel free to adjust the VSM for your particular needs.

The facilitator’s talking points are things to look for, and point out as they happen during the simulation exercise. The facilitator should move about the class room and talk about each process type as it is being simulated. The talking points are not all inclusive, but are a start. Adlib your own comments about what is happening, and try to inject humor. The observers should be taking notes for later discussion, and perhaps hold a Kaizen event to see what improvement the team may make to the process.

The files are provided on a USB Flash Drive, and include additional free bonus presentation materials. These short presentations provide supporting concepts and training necessary to fully implement the lean principles into your organization.

The presentations may be used as is, or edited for your specific training need and audience.

Included files are:

  • The Five Principles of Lean - 8 slides
    This presentation can be used as a baseline for introducing the student to the five principles of lean as outlined in the book: Lean Thinking by James Womack et al. Edit the PowerPoint slides to add focus for your specific training event.

  • 14 Philosophies behind TPS - 15 slides
    Excerpts from The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker, this presentation provides the 14 guiding philosophies developed by the Toyoda family and other contributors that are the foundation for the Toyota Production System.

    Note: The concepts and terms presented in The Toyota Way book are the basis for two fun and challenging games available from The LeanMan. See the tab Team Development: TPS ToyodaWay Game Set. 

  • 5-S for Lean - 35 slides
    This presentation can be used as a baseline for a 5-S program. It contains the basics for understanding 5-S and a great starter program to set your workplace in order and prepare it for Lean. Edit the PowerPoint file to suit your needs.

    Note: The concepts and terms of 5-S are the basis for two fun and challenging games available from The LeanMan. See the tab Team Development: 5-S Game Set. 

  • Visual Control for Lean - 13 slides
    This presentation can be used as a baseline for a Visual Control program to provide visual communications in the shop area. Coupled with the 5-S presentation, it sets the stage for powerful and fast team communication so everyone knows what, when, where and how the product flows. Edit the PowerPoint slides to suit your needs.

  • Visual Systems for Lean - 46 slides
    This presentation can be used as an introduction to Visual Systems and 5-S. It focuses on the concepts of seeing new meaning behind everyday sights, and works well to support The LeanMan Learning to See the Waste and The LeanMan Developing Lean Eyes presentations. Edit the PowerPoint slide to add photos from your own workplace.

The LeanMan 26 question Lean Self-Assessment Tool is also provided to help you assess your team's present Lean maturity level and readiness to implement the principles of lean into your organization.

Compatible Simulations

The LeanMan suggests using the Deluxe PLUS VSM Car Factory Simulation in the following simulations:

Learning to See the Waste

This executive level 2-Step simulation is the simplest event to run but packs a big WOW factor. It requires just one Car Factory Kit per team. Plus, with the laminated participant instruction placemats, it's so easy to perform that single person can easily facilitate five or more teams, making it great for large audiences and conventions.

  • Group Size: 5-8
  • Duration: 100 min.
  • Steps: 2
Car Factory Simulation

This 4-step simulation uses one Car Factory Kit per team, and a single facilitator can easily run 2 or 3 teams in parallel for a little competition and metrics comparison. This simulation event is also provided as an editable set of files on the USB drive that allow customization to the facilitator's specific target training needs.

  • Group Size: 5-8
  • Duration: 100 min.
  • Steps: 4
Large Group Simulation

Purchased as a separate supporting product (it is included in the Grand Package), this simulation is used with multiple Car Factory Kits to expand the event size to accommodate larger groups for an introductory Lean experience. The 4-step simulation is designed as an introduction to Lean for variable sized groups of participants in the four main flow methods.

  • Group Size: 5-39
  • Duration: 60-150 min.
  • Steps: 2 or 4
TPS Simulation

The Toyota Production System (TPS) simulation is a 5-step event which uses the training methods generally recognized as the Toyota method for introducing lean flow. This method focus more on flow and eliminating process waste and less on reducing the number of human elements in the process.

  • Group Size: 8-12
  • Duration: 110 min.
  • Steps: 5
VSM Simulation

(Value Stream Map) This 9-step event focuses on each of the nine point processes in the value chain from customer order to customer delivery, one process at a time. Each exercise introduces lean techniques such as kanban material and visual signal devices, use of target tracking reports, kaizen forms, and continuous improvement metrics. This simulation exercise also provides an excellent basis of understanding for Value Stream Management training for the LEAN office.

  • Group Size: 11-15
  • Duration: 280 min / Continuous Loop
  • Steps: 9
VSMgt Service & Repair Center

Purchased as a separate supporting product (it is included in the Grand Package), this 3 step simulation exercise will explore the service side of the car factory, so instead of assembling new cars, we repair them. Value Stream Management concepts are used to improve flow door-to-door in this unique and fun exercise. This simulation requires purchase of at least one of the LeanMan Car Factory Kits or Deluxe Packages.

  • Group Size: 9-12
  • Duration: 140 min.
  • Steps: 3

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