GREEN Deluxe PLUS HEIJUNKA Car Factory Simulation



The GREEN Deluxe PLUS Heijunka Package is the same as the standard Deluxe PLUS Heijunka Package, but at a lower price saving you $182.51 while saving the environment by not printing paper.

Package Contents:

The GREEN LeanMan Deluxe PLUS Heijunka package contains the same materials and support items as the standard Deluxe Plus Heijunka Package. All PowerPoint, WORD, Visio and Excel Files, if used, are provided on USB Drive for your review and to print as needed to supplement your training requirements. No preprinted guides or booklets are included in this GREEN item.

All laminated participant placemats are still included, plus two wet-erase markers for metrics; and a large-digit easy to read stopwatch to time the events.

This product is no longer available.

GREEN Deluxe PLUS HEIJUNKA Car Factory Simulation

GREEN Deluxe PLUS  Heijunka Lean Factory Simulation Package

Please consider the environment and think about what paper printouts you really need. The facilitator guide books are still available on the USB Drive, and can easily be projected onto an overhead projector or TV screen for use during the training session. However, if you need the book in hand you can still print one from the USB.

The GREEN Deluxe Plus Heijunka Simulation Package builds upon the Lean Principles by providing some easy to facilitate Lean Principles training exercises and support material files.

The GREEN Deluxe Plus Heijunka Simulation Kit contains all of the same simulation capabilities as the standard Deluxe Plus Heijunka Simulation Package, except no paper handbooks or read-me files are printed. All are printable by you from the USB. Laminated participant placemats with easy wipe off wet-erase-markers are still included.

For a full description and associated simulation events possible with the GREEN Deluxe Plus VSM Package please refer to the standard Deluxe PLUS Heijunka Lean Factory Simulation Package.